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Beer and Burger Bar (Melbourne Food Review)

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No matter how much I try and exercise self-control, Beer and Burger Bar is a regular fixture of my weekends.

Whilst this might not be great for my waistline or for my pocket, my tastebuds really appreciate it.

I feel like almost everyone is a sucker for a good burger and in my opinion; Beer and Burger Lounge have some of the best burgers in Melbourne.

Cameron at Beer and Burger Bar
Cameron at Beer and Burger Bar

Beer and Burger Bar is located on Swan Street, not very far from the sports hub of Melbourne. If you try and go here before or after any game of football (AFL and NRL) or soccer that is being played at the MCG or AAMI stadium the place is bound to be packed full of people.

Beer and Burger Bar
Beer and Burger Bar

It has a sports bar type of atmosphere with two screens usually showing two different codes of sports, some sports themed graffiti and some old fashioned arcade games and couches.

Beer and Burger Bar basically specialise in two things; burgers and beer. Who could have guessed?

They have a wide range of beers and ciders both on tap and bottled in the fridge, which is why I often like to head here when I actually don’t have to go to work/ drive home from work.

They aren’t too badly priced in comparison to normal Melbourne drink prices either. My usual alcoholic order is a pint of cider!

However the highlight of any trip to Beer and Burger Bar are the burgers. You’ll find an assortment of different burgers on their menu from vegetarian burgers, to pork, chicken and beef burgers, all the way to their game burger that changes based on the availability of the meat (I’ve seen Buffalo up there a lot).

The Beef Burger at Beer and Burger Bar, Richmond
The Beef Burger at Beer and Burger Bar, Richmond

I’ve tried them all and can definitely say the beef burger is my favourite. It comes with what you would usually expect in your average beef burger- tomato, lettuce, cheese and bacon.

However what makes the beef burger especially yummy is the combination of four different sauces/relishes; mustard, tomato sauce, aioli and beetroot relish.

It’s a serious match made in heaven, especially when combined with the juicy, still pink in the middle, beef pattie.

The C.C.G (Chips, Cheese, Gravy) at Beer and Burger Bar
The C.C.G (Chips, Cheese, Gravy) at Beer and Burger Bar

However no burger is complete without a side of fries (or chips as we call them in Australia). I usually get the C.C.G to accompany my burger. It’s chips, cheese and gravy. The gravy that beer and burger bar make is super yummy and has the strong beefy taste that I think makes a great gravy.

Moreover the chips are always cooked and seasoned perfectly.

There are a few other sides to order as well. Their eggplant chips used to be my favourite, but the last few times I’ve gotten them they have been oily and disappointing. I’d stay away from them.

The onion rings are also really great and cooked perfectly. I especially love the two sauces that they come with.

I used to also always get the chilli fries, which are essentially fries topped with a mix of mince meat, chilli and beans. I used to also add jalapenos for an extra kick. At $9.50 they were a pretty good lunch.

Unfortunately since the Great Chilli Con Carne vomiting incident I haven’t been able to bring myself to eat them again!

Those are just the ones I’ve tried but there are a few more like the jalapeño poppers or the beef ribs!

Although I myself don’t stray very far from my regular order of a beef burger and the C.C.G, mostly anything you order at this place is bound to be delicious!

Beer and Burger Bar is a must visit. I’d recommend combining it with a trip to the MCG to see a match of the great sport of AFL; another thing you have to do while in Melbourne.



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