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Crabapple Kitchen (Melbourne Food Review)


Well I’m going to continue the ‘Brunch in Melbourne’ theme. Given the amount of times I have had brunch in the last few weeks and my next two food reviews are going to be brunch based I should almost turn it into a series!

The reason I eat so much brunch is that it is usually the easiest meal of the day in which I can organise to catch up with my friends. With the exception of my new summer job that has me working during the day- most of my jobs start in the afternoon. Thus brunch is one of the only meals that I seem to be free for.

Today’s review is on a little institution in Hawthorn that on the recommendation of friends I started going to a couple of years ago. Crabapple Kitchen is everything I could ever want in a  brunch place- with the exception that you will pay a little bit extra.

The decor in this place is beautiful. I just love the atmosphere. You walk into the shop and the front part actually looks like a little country provincial style kitchen. It’s beautifully decorated and makes you feel right at home! This time I went was also the first time that I got to see the outside terrace area of Crabapple Kitchen which is just as cosy.

The staff have always been friendly whenever I have come here. Their friendly personalities and welcoming demeanour add to the experience and feel of Crabapple Kitchen. It’s almost like being in your home, if my home was that beautiful and I could cook this good.

crabapple 2

But of course decor and service is nothing if not coupled with really good food. Whenever I come to Crabapple I order the exact same meal.

Their smashed avocado on toast and I add two poached eggs to my meal. Unlike the bland, overripe avocados I got at Friends of Mine here the avocados were perfectly ripened (apparently they have some kind of machine/device for making sure that they are perfect).

crabapple 3

They couple it with lemon/lime, some salt, lots of Meredith goats cheese feta and what I think is Crabapple’s secret ingredient- a couple of slices of fresh chilli. The chilli adds another layer of flavour and loving all things chilli it’s what makes Crabapple’s smashed avocado my favourite in Melbourne.

The eggs were cooked to perfection. I didn’t have to worry about eggs being undercooked or overcooked here.

crabapple 4

I also ordered a freshly squeezed juice which was fresh and tasty.

Crabapple is one of my favourite places to experience brunch in Melbourne, and it’s only 15 minute train ride out of the city- just get off at Glenferrie station!

I think what makes it so good is that I can consistently come here and order the exact same thing and never have to worry about leaving disappointed. The food and service is always 10 out of 10. And that’s why I don’t mind paying a little bit extra.

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