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Top Paddock (Melbourne Food Review)


Well I promised some brunch reviews and it looks like I have delivered. This is my fourth in a row and what will be the end of the brunch series for the time being. I’ve noticed that all I’ve been posting about lately is food. This isn’t surprising given how much I love food, and my promise to deliver some reviews of good food in Melbourne. However this isn’t meant to solely be a food blog, so I’ve promised myself that this will be my last food review for a while. Look out on some destination/tourist site based posts as I explore Melbourne in Christmas and show some couchsurfers my home region of Gippsland. I’m also hoping to talk more about my savings goals and how I’m working towards that, and of course I’ll be bringing you some lovely posts about Thailand in February when I head off with my sister for three weeks. But before that I need to give you my review of Top Paddock!

Top Paddock is another famous brunch place in Melbourne, and is featured on many lists up there with Hardware Societe. As I’m writing this it is No. 2 on Urbanspoon’s ‘Talk of the Town’ list! After massive food envy from friends posting photos of what looked like very yummy dishes I finally made my way to Top Paddock last week.

Top Paddock is located just outside of the CBD, in Richmond. It’s not very convenient to get to by train unless you want the long walk from either Richmond or Burnley station so I think tram or train/tram is probably your best option of getting here if you don’t have a car.

Top Paddock is everything I like in a brunch place. Their menu is a great mix of sweet and savoury- providing options for everyone and the place is beautifully decorated. Top Paddock has the most modern feel of any other brunch place I have been to, it’s almost got a classy restaurant atmosphere and look than the cafe type style most brunch places go for.

My friend and I managed to get a seat out on the terrace on what was a beautiful sunny day in Melbourne, which was a really nice way to eat our brunch. Both of us ordered the poached eggs on  toast with avocado, broccolini, beans and roasted almonds. It had a ‘clean eating’ theme that is usually not something I go for but someone nearby had ordered it and it looked spectacular. As always because I don’t do coffee, I ordered a freshly squeezed juice to pair with my breakfast, this time just plain orange.

top paddock 1

I really loved this dish even though with the exception of the avocado it was something completely different to what I would usually order. The flavours all worked together well and those roasted almonds seriously made the dish- and I usually don’t even like nuts.

Top Paddock is definitely a place I would recommend for a Melbourne brunch just outside the CBD. It’s stylish, the food is great and in terms of brunch it’s not astronomically expensive. 

Given this is the last of my brunch series I have a few questions for you guys. Do you like brunch as much as me? What’s your favourite place to eat brunch? Which one of the places I have highlighted would you rather go?

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