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Tuckshop Takeaway (Melbourne Food Review)


I’ve always been a bit of a comfort eater. Not the extreme overeating because of severe mental health issues type- more of the eat when I’m stressed or upset type. Good food makes me feel good and I’ve never had an issue that a tub of ice-cream didn’t seem to fix (no matter how cliché that sounds).

So it is not a surprise that I’ve been spending a bit too much on food the last couple of weeks while I’ve been studying and stressing for end of semester exams.

When I came out of my second exam on Friday, which was extremely difficult and stressful, the only answer was some naughty food. Lucky for me the exam venue is just around the corner from a little burger joint I have been wanting to try for ages- Tuckshop Takeaway.

Tuckshop Takeaway is a very small café on the corner of Glen Eira and Hawthorn Road in Caulfield North- just a few doors down from Einstein’s. In terms of seating there is one 6 person table that often becomes communal and about 4 seats at the counter and 2 seats at a high table near the window.

If you are going to visit you might want to have ordering takeaway as a backup considering we were very lucky to get a seat in what was an extremely packed little burger shop.

Burgers and Milkshakes at Tuckshop Takeaway
Burgers and Milkshakes at Tuckshop Takeaway

Their menu is almost as small as the place itself- with just two types of burgers- beef or vegetable, a few types of jaffles, some chips, some of their famous milkshakes and some homemade sodas. They also do some sweet treats and coffees. It’s definitely one of those places that is so good because they only do a few things really well.

We all got the beef burger which is called the ‘minor’. It’s a beef patty with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, American cheese and tuckshop sauce (which seems to be a combination of homemade mayonnaise and house made tomato sauce). I added bacon to mine while my friend added just egg to hers.

Beef Burger at Tuckshop Takeaway
Beef Burger at Tuckshop Takeaway

The burger came in these delicious buns that were warm but still nice and soft and not too crunchy which is my pet hate in burgers. The beef itself was delicious and cooked pink in the middle as described by their menu. Cooking it like this means the patty doesn’t dry out and it was still super delicious.

Once you combine that with their special sauce and all of that fresh salad and you have one very tasty burger. At $9.50 for a normal burger and an extra $1.50 for bacon they come in at a good price too.

Milkshakes and Soda at Tuckshop Takeaway
Milkshakes and Soda at Tuckshop Takeaway

We also ordered some of Tuckshop’s famous milkshakes and sodas. I actually first heard of Tuckshop Takeaway from a post on the Urbanlist that listed the best milkshakes in Melbourne.

The offerings at Tuckshop Takeaway include Nutella, Mintie, Redskin, Milko and Salted Fantale. They basically have taken everything you love about your childhood and made them into a ganache which is then blended into a milkshake.

Milkshakes and I usually have a love/hate relationship because I love drinking them but can’t usually handle that much milk on my lactose sensitive stomach and I end up feeling awful for the rest of the day. Tuckshop Takeaway offered the best solution- soy milk, and the good kind (bon-soy).

Upon the recommendation of my housemate who swore that it was the best, I ordered the Salted Fantale while my friend ordered the Nutella. My other friend ordered the Ginger Beer- just one of their homemade sodas.

This was hands down the best milkshake I have ever had. It was packed full of flavour- none of that ‘this just tastes like milk’ business. The Salted Fantale also wasn’t too rich which definitely makes it 100% better than the average sickly sweet milkshake available at most cafes.

The only downside? The price- at $7 for a milkshake, $8 if you add the soy milk they don’t come cheap.

Chips at Tuckshop Takeaway
Chips at Tuckshop Takeaway

The final thing that we definitely didn’t have room for was the large bucket of chips. We ordered a large one between us thinking we would be able to finish it.

The chips were super crunchy but in a yummy, not dry way. Once you combine that with their homemade tomato sauce/ketchup provided on the table you have some pretty good chips.

The comfort food offered at Tuckshop Takeaway was definitely the solution to my exam woes!


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