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10 Meals in Melbourne for Under $10

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One thing that every traveller seems to have to say about Australia is that it is expensive.

To some extent this is true. But there are many ways in which you can save money whilst travelling in Australia.

A lot of this expense will be food, especially for those like me that enjoy eating out while travelling rather than cooking in a hostel kitchen.

In Melbourne, there are many meals that you can pick up for less than $10. Whilst it’s true that an average meal in a pub or an average brunch will cost you around $20, many don’t look further to the amazing ethnic and oriental meals in Melbourne that come in at a budget price.

So here are my picks:

1. Sushi

Sushi is basically a Melbourne staple. You’ll find a small sushi bar or café on almost any corner of the CBD.

Sushi hand rolls average around $2.5 and with most people not needing more than 3 for a filling and satisfying lunch or dinner, you can easily eat for under $10.

My favourite fillings are the salmon and avocado and the seaweed salad ones.

Just follow the crowd. Chances are if there is a long line of locals waiting to order some sushi then you are in the right place.


2. Souvlaki/Kebab

Souvlaki at Kalimera
Souvlaki at Kalimera

You’ll also find Doner Kebab or Souvlaki stores scattered across Melbourne.

I’m not a huge fan of the processed doner shit but I love some good old fashioned Gyros. You’ll be hard pressed to spend more than $10 on one of these.

I recommend Kalimera Souvlaki Art, Orexi Souvlaki Bar, Stalactites and Jimmy Grants.


3. Pho

Hanoi Hannah Beef Pho ❤️ hit the spot on this shitty day in Melbourne #melbourne #weather #fourseasons #autumn #hanoihannah #pho #yummy #food
Beef Pho at Hanoi Hannah

Even at some of the nicer places like Hanoi Hannah, a big bowl of Beef Pho won’t cost more than $10 a bowl.

Given the strong Vietnamese community in Melbourne you won’t have to look hard to find the best Pho outside of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

My favourites are Hanoi Hannah, I Love Pho and the Proud Peacock.

4. Burgers

I've got a confession... I'm a bit of a comfort eater and this burger was the best thing after a stressful exam. See my review (link in bio) for @tuckshoptakeaway #burgers #melbournefood #foodreview #food #foodblogger #melbourne #milkshakes #saltedfantale #redskins #yummy #comfortfood #junkfood
Minor Burger at Tuckshop Takeaway

There are many yummy burgers to be had in Melbourne. Whilst more lavish burgers will cost up to $15 if you are on a budget you can easily pick up a burger for $10.

Huxtaburger, Grill’d, Beer and Burger Bar, Mr Burger and Tuckshop Takeaway all have burgers on their menu for under $10.

If you also aren’t quite feeling like a burger, Beer and Burger Bar, Huxtaburger and Mr Burger all have loaded fries that are super feeling but won’t set you back more than $10. In particular I’d recommend the chilli fries from Beer and Burger Bar for $10.

5. Dumplings

Xiao Long Bai from New Shanghai
Xiao Long Bai from New Shanghai

Dumplings are one of my favourite meals in Melbourne. Head anywhere in Chinatown and you’ll easily find a plate of 15 dumplings for less than $10.

If you are willing to travel a little bit further out of the city I’d definitely recommend heading to Ping’s Dumplings. Ping’s no frills dumplings are super filling and a huge plate of dumplings won’t ever cost more than $9.

A plate of Xiao Long Bao will set you back $7.90 at New Shanghai, but they are so delicious you’ll probably have to order multiple plates!

6. Mexican

Tacos from Taco Tuesday at Salsas
Tacos from Taco Tuesday at Salsas

Whilst there are many upmarket Mexican places in Melbourne, there are equally lots of cheapies as well.

Head to any of the Salsas or Mad Mex stores to grab a burrito, tacos or nachos for under $10.

If you go to Salsas on a Tuesday you can also get $2 tacos for their Taco Tuesday special.

7. Laksa

Fish Fillet Curry Laksa at Laksa King
Fish Fillet Curry Laksa at Laksa King

My favourite Laksa in Melbourne, at Laksa King, will cost you just over $10, with a combination bowl coming in at $10.80. It’s seriously enormous though and you definitely won’t need anything else!

You’ll also find many of the Asian cafes around the CBD offering Laksa for less than $10.

8. Banh Mi

This popular Vietnamese sandwich is becoming more and more popular in Melbourne.

In suburbs like Fitzroy or Victoria St in Richmond you can pick one of these up for $5.

But I’d recommend heading to newly Ba’get on Russell St where you’ll pick up some of the best Banh Mi in the city for $7.90.

You also can’t go wrong with the pork belly Banh Mi from chain store Roll’d, which you’ll find all over Melbourne and the CBD.

9. Pizza

Bimbo Deluxe, The Lucky Coq and Asian Beer Café all offer $4 pizza which is usually pretty delicious.

For only $4 you’ll also have some cash left over for a beer!

10. Gelato

Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge at Gelato Messina
Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge at Gelato Messina

In my world, ice-cream is definitely an acceptable substitute for lunch or dinner.

You’ll find the best ice-cream in the city at Gelato Messina, located in both Fitzroy and in Richmond.

I’d recommend living dangerously and ordering 3 scoops for $8.90. My favourite flavours are chocolate peanut butter fudge, banana split and almost anything off their specials menu.



Have you found a meal in Melbourne for less than $10?

Share it below in the comments.


  1. It’s so funny that sushi is so affordable in Mel. I live in London where sushi is almost prohibitively expensive (except at the one chain, Itsu, which is OK, but not great). I wait until I’m home in the States to gorge myself on sushi…or now in Australia I suppose!

    1. Unless you were a high end restaurant it would be practically criminal to charge more than $3 for a handroll in Melbourne! I know I’m going to miss it when I head off to Europe.

  2. Don’t forget one of your favourite meals Britt… Roti Canai! That’s usually under $10 and can be found at heaps of Malaysian restaurants around Melbourne. Also Coconut House in the city is awesome for a cheap Laksa or Nasi Lemak for under or around $10 🙂

  3. There’s this place I only know by sight, that I happened upon while walking up Elizabeth St one day (left side of the road, walking away from the city). They sell these massive stuffed flat rolls for $3 a pop! I had a sausage one, but I know they also have spinach and ricotta and maybe one other kind. I realize this is probably not helpful without a name, but if I find it again I’ll update this comment! 😛

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