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Buzzed by the Baltics: A Photo Essay of Tallinn


Whilst Riga was my favourite Baltic city, Tallinn was definitely the most beautiful. There was just something that was incredibly gorgeous about the city- especially when looked upon from the various viewpoints in the city.

The Russian influence, as well as the Scandinavian influence on the architecture was also more evident here then I think it was in Riga or Vilnius.

Hence this post is more of a photo essay than a write up. I was planning on writing a big guide to the city but I thought when it comes to this city- the photos can do a lot more justice than my words can!

The Old Town

The majority of these photos are taken within the walls of the old town of Tallinn. It’s easy to work out when you enter the old town- and not just because the buildings become beautiful. There are bits of pieces of an old wall that don’t quite encompass the old town but are present, especially when you enter from the South. Tallinn is a huge mix of architecture- you’ll stumble upon Orthodox churches, colourful old buildings and even medieval pieces of castle or wall. You might even find yourself in front of an ugly looking, Soviet style monument!

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Abandoned Prisons

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I think backpackers especially have a thing when it comes to old depilated buildings. We love to visit them even if it is enter at your own risk with your iphone torch as the only light in dark rooms. Hence one of the most popular trips from any of the hostels in Tallinn is the Soviet Prison Tour.

Patarei is a sea fortress just a short walk from the old town of Tallinn. It’s been abandoned and it is clearly crumbling. But that doesn’t stop tourists from visiting it. It’s an interesting place and if you go with a guide you’ll learn about the sorts of prisoners that were kept here during the occupations and their fates. I don’t know about you but I love taking photos of buildings that are falling to pieces and are being taken back over by nature.

But it isn’t a tour for the faint hearted. It was very dark in lots of places and if you are superstitious like me then you’ll believe it absolutely has to be haunted.

Medieval Soup Kitchen

tallinn tallinn

Visiting Ill Draakon- a medieval soup kitchen just off the main square, was the highlight of my trip to the city. You drink mulled wine or beer out of clay/ceramic cups, you slurp soup out of old fashioned bowls and you eat meat or pastries prepared just like they would have been in medieval times. Of course it is a bit touristy but it manages to feel authentic at the same time. It’s also incredibly delicious food and not very expensive at all!

What did you love about Tallinn?

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