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What’s in my pack for Thailand!


For me packing is the hardest part of planning my trip. There is a fine line between being prepared and packing too much. I try to lean towards the packing light side because everything I pack I need to carry on my back and given how unathletic and just generally unfit I am that’s not a great thought. I’m using Thailand as a sort of trial run for my Round the World Trip- to test some stuff out and find out what works for me and what doesn’t. Given I only have to pack for the one climate- hot and humid packing for Thailand was easy in comparison to the huge task I am going to have in November when packing for 15 months of travel in weather from -10 degrees Celsius and snowing to 40 degrees Celsius with high humidity. I’m taking the same pack too so I definitely won’t have the same freedom in terms of all these cute summer outfits. And I think I’ll have to sacrifice my love for pjs on that trip!

Here’s my packing list.


what to pack for thailand
All my dresses

6 summer dresses including one that converts to a maxi skirt

4 t-shirts

2 pairs of sporty shorts

1 pair of hiking/dressy pants (yes there is a pair that is THAT verstatile- the Anatomie ones- but they cost me a fortune).

1 pair of hippy pants (these double as pjs)

1 oversized PJ nightie

1 pair of leggings (perfect for wearing on the plane)

1 lightweight black sweater

1 grey zip up hoodie

1 raincoat

1 lightweight cardigan

7 pairs of underwear including 4 pairs of my Exofficio travel undies (best things ever)

3 bras including 1 sports bra

4 pairs of socks

1 bathing suit

what to pack for thailand
My bathing suit



Hiking Sandals- these ones actually aren’t that ugly!


One pair of Thongs


Toiletries (to share with my sister)

Mini travel toothpaste


Mini travel shower gel

Mini travel cocoa butter moisturiser and hand lotion

Papaw ointment

Small bottles of shampoo and conditioner

Razor (obviously not sharing this one)






-tube of liquid foundation

-foundation powder pack


-one multipurpose makeup brush


First Aid Kit

-Lots of bandaids

-Antiseptic cream (benadine)

-Vicks Vapor Rub

-Strepsils (throat lozenges)





-Contraceptive Pill

-Iron supplements and probiotic (doctor’s orders).

-Clarantyne (antihestimine)

-Cold and Flu Tablets



-Turkish towel- nice lightweight alternative to a beach towel

-Travel clothesline

-Tide to go stain remover stick

-Dissolvable laundry travel soap sheets.

-Travel Pillow

-Eye Mask

-Fleece sleeping bag insert (good alternative to a blanket).

-Water bottle

-Bra stash (best place to hide your money)

-Photocopy of my passport and travel insurance information



-Macbook Pro

-Ipad (I wouldn’t take both but my sister wants this one to use).




-Charges with all of the above

-Travel Adapter Plug

-Mini powerboard (perfect when you only have one adapter).


 Packing Aids

what to pack for thailand
All my clothes fit into this

I stay organised by using a combination of Eagle Creek Spectre Packing Cubes, ziplock bags, my toiletries bag that also has a compartment I keep my first aid kit in, a dry sack and a couple of plastic bags.

what to pack for thailand what to pack for thailand


what to pack for thailand

All of this fits into my Osprey Farpoint 53L backpack. The main version of this backpack offers 55L but I got the S/M size because of my height which shrinks it a bit. The main pack is 38L and my zip off daypack is 15L. I also carry a small leather satchel bag where I put items I need to easily access when I’m on the move such as my passport, wallet and phone.

what to pack for thailand what to pack for thailand

I also bought this incredibly cute passport case- matching ones for my sister and I. They have three separate compartments for your passport, tickets and travel documents which I find really handy.


When I think about it there isn’t much I need to add to this bag for my 15 month trip- just some thermals, some more leggings, my goose down winter jacket, a couple of lightweight long sleeve shirts and thicker socks.

From packing for Thailand I realised that you pack the same whether you are going for 3 weeks or for 3 years.

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